Spinosaurus might have shared its habitat with at least two other theropods, Bahariasaurus and Carcharodontosaurus

Spinosaurus was larger than Giganotosaurus and the famous Tyrannosaurus rex.

Spinosaurus had a 'fish trap' at the front of its snout - a cage-like array of small teeth that could hold slippery fish.

Spinosaurus had a huge sail running along its back. The longest spine measured a mighty 1.5m (5ft) long. The sail might have been used to regulate its body temperature, attract mates or deter enemies - or could have performed a combination of all of these functions.

Spinosaurus had the longest head of any known carnivorous dinosaur. It was close to 1.8m (6ft) in length - the same as the height of a grown man.



"Spine Lizard"


Spinosaurus was most probably the largest meat eater ever to walk the Earth. It was a bipedal dinosaur with a crocodile-like head and a sail running down its back.



Spinosaurus lived during the early-late Cretaceous, 100 million years ago.

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They Call it Home

Spinosaurus lived in the large tidal floodplains and mangrove forests present in the area which we now know as the Sahara Desert.

Flood Plains

Flood Plains








  • Egypt
  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia

What We Heard About Their Hearing

Human Ear

We know very little about Spinosaurus' hearing.


What Big Teeth You Have

Dinosaur Tooth

Spinosaurus had large, straight teeth, which were excellent for skewering slippery fish. 


Nose Knowledge

Human Nose

Spinosaurus' nostrils faced forwards, much like a crocodile, which would have been a useful adaption for hunting in the water. 


The Poop Scoop

Dinosaur Poop

We have not uncovered any coprolites (fossilised dung) from a Spinosaurus.


The Most Fantastic Find

Spinosaurus was first described by German palaeontologist Ernst Freiherr Stromer von Reichenbach from a fossil found in 1912 by Richard Markgraf in central Egypt. Sadly, on 24 April 1944, a British bombing raid destroyed these and many other fossil specimens. So you could say that Spinosaurus was lost twice: once when it went extinct and the second time in 1944 as the result of a bomb.

From The Expert

Because no complete skeleton of Spinosaurus has been found its large size is an educated guess, based on scaling the fossils of Spinosaurus relative to more completely known relatives. The piscivorous diet of Spinosaurus set it apart from other dinosaurs. It was probably something like a Cretaceous grizzly bear, spearing fish with its claws and jaws while wading in streams. 


Sizing it Up


Compare to:

7m / 22.96ft

2m (7ft) taller than Tyrannosaurus.

1 human
1 human
7 m / 22.96 ft


Number of people head-to-toe to reach the top of Spinosaurus. (average human height 1.76 m / 5.7 ft)

Compare to:

17m / 55.76ft

5m (16ft) longer than Tyrannosaurus

1 human
1 human
17 m / 55.76 ft


Number of people side by side touching finger tips to match this length (average arm span 1.7 m / 5.58 ft ).

Compare to:

20.0tonnes / 22.4short tons

More than double the weight of Tyrannosaurus.

spinosaurus weight

Number of people weighing 70.31 kg / 155 lbs needed to match the weight of Spinosaurus.


Dino On The Go!

Experts have not yet proposed a definite speed for Spinosaurus, but as a massive theropod, it might have been able to run as fast as T. rex.  

40kph / 24.85mph

  • Horse 52 kph / 32.3 mph
  • Spinosaurus40 kph / 24.85 mph
  • Cheetah 120.7 kph / 75 mph

22.5kph / 14mph

The average human sprint speed.


Family Album

Family Album

Spinosaurus is a theropod. These included all bipedal, carnivorous dinosaurs, including the more famous Tyrannosaurus. More specifically, Spinosaurus is part of a smaller group of dinosaurs with crocodile-like skulls and conical teeth, known as the Spinosauridae, which also includes Baryonyx.



Spinosaurus Vision

Spinosaurus most probably had binocular vision to judge distance and time its attacks on its fishy supper. 

Spinosaurus Vision.

Human Vision

The human field of view is roughly 180 degrees.

Human Field of View

The Skinny On Their Skin


Spinosaurus had long spiky vertebrae rising from its back which would have supported a 'sail' of skin.


What's In The Nest?

Spinosaurus Egg

Spinosaurus eggs are assumed to fit the usual theropod pattern, of being bird-like in shape, measuring between 10 and 15cm (4-6in) long and having a shell a couple of millimetres (0.07in) thick.



spinosaurus brain size

Spinosaurus was an advanced theropod so we can assume that it had a high IQ for a dinosaur. 



Quite The Bite

Spinosaurus had a secondary palate so that it could eat and breathe at the same time, just like a crocodile.



Good Eatin'

Plant Icon

Spinosaurus was adapted for hunting fish, but it would have taken land animals too. The fossilised remains of Iguanodon have been found near the giant theropod's stomach.


Parental Guidance

Spinosaurus Parent and Child

Spinosaurus would have laid eggs like other dinosaurs, though they were too large to sit on their eggs, and might have kept them warm by covering them in vegetation. 


True Colours

Color Wheel

A Spinosaurus sail could have been full of colour as a signal to mates and rivals. However, we might never know for sure.